Water Garden – After First Treatment

AFTER FIRST TREATMENT in an area Decorative Water Garden.
The follow-up picture of the decorative Water Garden featured in the Post of May 24, 2013 demonstrates significant results in algae reduction and water clarity. However, the Water Garden received only one treatment of Ultra Water Garden ZIP due to the owners being out of town during the month of June.
The biological oxygen demand is improved by the removal of organic waste in the system with the use of beneficial bacteria products such as Ultra Water Garden Cleaner, Ultra Water Garden Cleaner + 2 and Ultra Water Garden ZIP. The naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the Ultra Water Garden products utilize “Nature’s Way” of removing the unwanted organic waste out of a water feature. Both improvements in water quality and clarity are desired qualities that every serious decorative pond hobbyist desires.
ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS will be made over the next few weeks and a picture will be posted to demonstrate the results along with a discussion of fish density and some critical factors.