Ultra Aquarium Starter (UAS) is designed to assist in the start-up of fresh water aquariums. This product was developed to nitrify ammonia-nitrogen in a closed fish system. Using a patented biosuspension of four beneficial bacteria, UAS can remove ammonia-nitrogen in an economical, ecologically sound fashion. Ultra Aquarium Starter's specially activated nitrifying bacteria enhance nitrification by the rapid elimination of ammonia-nitrogen waste in closed fish systems. UAS is highly concentrated, with treatment rates of only 3-6 drops per gallon a day for 8 days (or until the biological filter is activated).




  • Activates biological filters
  • Reduces startup time
  • Matures new tanks
  • Removes ammonia and nitrites
  • Cleans biological filters
  • Reduces waste build-up
  • Improves filter activity