Aqua-Bacta-Aid X-2 for use in marine systems from fully saline to brackish water

Aqua-Bacta-Aid X-2 (ABA X-2) is “Nature’s Way” of utilizing live complimentary bacteria to clean and maintain both salt water and brackish systems. ABA X-2 is our newest marine product for commercial fish production. ABA X-2 is an “All in One Cleaner and Maintainer” with a maximum concentration of beneficial bacteria that produces immediate results in a marine system.

NOTE: Due to the maximum concentration of non-pathogenic live complimentary beneficial bacteria in ABA X-2, you may be able to reduce by 50% to 75% the suggested amount of product needed per treat based on the marine system’s stocking and feeding rate.

ABA X-2 like its freshwater counterpart is a fast acting suspension of live complimentary beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia and nitrite in marine systems that are heavily stocked and where nitrification is needed to improve fish health and increase production.


  • Outstanding sludge reduction and reduces sulfides.
  • Considerable algae control and less off flavor.
  • Superior ammonia and nitrite control.

CLEAN: ABA X-2 digests organic waste thereby reducing H2S production, and minimizing pathogenic bacterial growth that causes an anaerobic zone in marine systems. The suggested applying rate is 1 gallon of ABA X-2 to each 1 million gallons of water in the system per week until the desired results are reached. The stocking rate of fish and the feeding rate will influence the time it takes to clean the system.

MAINTAIN: Keep the organic waste to a minimum in a salt water or brackish water system by applying ½ gallon of ABA X-2 to each 1 million gallons of water in the system on a monthly basis or as needed to reach desired results. Applying this regimen of ABA X-2 will help REDUCE STRESS on fish when they are being moved in or out of a marine system and when fingerlings are being stocked.

Aqua-Bacta-Aid X-2 contains a maximum concentration of naturally occurring live beneficial bacteria that are non-pathogenic. The ABA X-2 bacteria are beneficial to water quality, fish health, and are completely safe for humans. In the event of spillage, simply wash down with fresh water and ventilate to remove any obnoxious odor.