Aqua•Bacta•Aid S-1 (Product for Reducing Organic Waste)

aba S-1 was developed to be a fast-acting solid waste reducing bacterial suspension for aquaculture and agriculture applications. Stringent laboratory and field tests were used to select the ten bacteria in aba S-1 to efficiently biodegrade organic waste in fish ponds and agricultural lagoons. The aba S-1 bioaugmentation system easily solubilizes particulate organic matter which is largely converted to harmless carbon dioxide and water. aba S-1 is an economical and ecologically sound solution to solid waste problems. aba S-1 is nature's way of cleaning the environment using nonhazardous, beneficial bacteria.


  1. Reduces organic waste
  2. Decreases Ammonia
  3. Reverses off-flavor in fish
  4. Eliminates downtime
  5. Improves water quality
  6. Stabilizes Oxygen swings
  7. Reverses eutrophic conditions
  8. Cost effective

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