Aqua•Bacta•Aid R-1 (Product for Eliminating Solid Waste)

aba R-1 was developed under stringent laboratory conditions in 1973 as the original live bacterial system for use in aquaculture to reduce solid waste. It utilizes eight live bacteria to provide ecologically sound bioaugmentation systems for fish ponds, raceways, biological filters and closed systems. aba R-1 is an extremely effective solution to solid waste problems. aba R-1 is also the ideal product for seeding and maintaining biological filters. It utilizes nature's way of cleaning the environment using nonhazardous beneficial bacteria.



  • Reduces organic waste
  • Reverses off-flavor in fish
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Improves water quality
  • Stabilizes oxygen swings
  • Reverses eutrophic conditions
  • Aids when shock-loading
  • Reduces nutrients required for algae growth
  • Cost effective

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