AQUA-BACTA-AID Products: a-b-a R-1, a-b-a S-1

Fresh Water Ponds, Lakes, and Commercial Fish Farms
Pond or Lake Size
(Surface Acres)
Pond or Lake Size
(Surface Acres) Treatment Water Volume
(Gallons at Bottom) 1
Start-Up Application
(Gallon of a-b-a) 2
Maintenance Application
(Gallons of a-b-a)
1 325,9001.0 gallons0.50 gallon (2 Qt.)
51,629,5005.0 gallons2.5 gallons
103,25910 gallons5 gallons


  1. The above pond water volumes pertain to the effective area of a-b-a products treatment in the one-foot water zone over the pond sediment.
  2. Start-up: apply a-b-a R-1 or S-1 in pond water mixture into the bottom sediment.
  3. Maintenance: apply a-b-a R-1 or S-1 weekly until desired water quality is achieved; then at monthly or bi-monthly intervals depending on stocking and feeding rates.

AQUA-BACTA-AID Products: a-b-a N-1, a-b-a N-2

Fresh and Marine Commercial Fish Farm Recirculating Systems &
Biological Filters
Pond Capacity
Pond Capacity
250.25 oz = 150 drops
500 .50 to 1.5 ounces
1,0001.0 to 3.0 ounces


  1. Start-up: add the appropriate application rate of a-b-a N-1 or a-b-a N-2 daily for 8 days.
  2. Maintenance: add a-b-a N-1 or a-b-a N-2 to your system as needed or on a monthly basis and after each backwashing of filter or cleaning of tank.
  3. Shock-Loading: after increasing the animal population, add the appropriate rate of a-b-a N-1 or a-b-a N-2 daily until ammonia and nitrites have decreased to acceptable levels.